It’s been years…

So much has happened in the last few years, I did not bother to update this blog. The remodel got completely derailed by multiple layoffs, a divorce and the boys being involved in school activities.

Now, I am settled into a good job and a new life and the boys are old enough to help out. Tim is playing football and Daniel is in Band and has his permit! So, I have started over on the remodel and am going a different direction. Still Mid century modern, but, this time, it’ll be way better in the end.

Get ready for a bunch of posts in the near future with projects, furniture and decor’.

To bring it up to speed: I have removed the upper cabinets in preparation for new concrete countertops, mosaic glass backsplash and floating shelves. The flooring is being ripped out in prep for vinyl planks in the LR, DR, Office and Laundry. All of the lighting is being replaced with either DIY or restored fixtures. I have already installed a new Propane stove and it’s awesome!

I am picking up MCM furniture for the living room and have started making a hairpin legged dining table.

More to follow…


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Space… The final frontier…

Saturday was the big day. I had several friends show up to help: Ron, Ray, Doug, Damon and Jeff. Rachel and David (Grandpa) got the kids our of the house and we started to work.

First, (8:00am) Ray and I finished moving the wiring and safely capping off unused ones.
The rest of the crew showed up (9:00am) and we set to work building the temporary walls.
By 9:45 we were ready to remove the old wall.
At 10:00 I broke my pinky when the LVL fell over and pinned my finger between it and the sawzall.
10:15 My finger is set and taped and we are back at removing the wall.
10:30 The wall is out!
12:30 after much measuring, cutting, nailing, and then redoing the jack studs, the beam is up.
1:00 The temp walls are down and we have a great room!
(well, we have a shell of a great room anyway)

We started the morning here:

This is what it looks like with the temp walls up:

Here it is after the beam is in and the temp walls are out:

Somehow, none of the pics were without people in them.

I will take some more pics today and post them. Even though Jeff is so photogenic!

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Here we go…

OK. My final day at work is Monday. The big push to get things ready for the wall removal is on!

Today I got the rest of the trim and panelling removed and also decided while we had the crew and materials to widen the door way from the living room to the dining room to 6 feet. This should REALLY open things up.

By the end of the day Thursday, I should have the cabinets on the doomed wall removed, the dishwasher and fridge moved and the soffets over the remaining cabinets gone.

There is smaller stuff that has to be done beforehand as well. I have to convert the Dining room and Kitchen light switches to regular switches instead of three ways, remove the wiring for the outlets in the way and get the 46 bowfront aquarium moved to my son’s bedroom where it will stay for about a month.

As long as everyone shows up that is scheduled to (and on time Jeff!), we should get to rest next Sunday.

There are going to be 7 of my friends/family showing up to work on the wall removal, beam installation and hang drywall.

It’s amazing what you can get your buddies to do for BBQ ribs!

I promise lots of pics before/during/after.

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Cleanup sucks!

I had to make three trips to the dump with the Grand Cherokee over the weekend and I probably still have to use my buddy’s pickup for two more. Who knew there could be this much waste from construction?

I also took a load to the recycling center. I had no clue we had this much junk laying around.

I have promised myself that there will not be one piece of sawdust left before I start putting all back together so that’s what is on this weeks agenda… more hauling away.

Then it’s hauling stuff back in. I have nine 4×12 sheets of drywall coming and the studs for building the temporary wall. Not to mention the LVL. It’s going to get crowded on the carport really quick!

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It’s been a while…

It’s been a while since I had anything done worthy of posting. So I am going to catch up and post some pics.

The cheesy glass and particle board stand that came with the Hitachi big screen had gotten on my nerves for the last time. I have always wanted a Mid-Century stile floating wall unit in the living room. So, two days and $120 later we have this:

It may look crooked but it’s perfectly level and plumb. I was using my buddy’s awesome camera and hadn’t gotten used to it yet. But hey, at least they aren’t the crappy pics from before!

The shelves aren’t stained yet and the drywall isn’t sanded either. I decided to put it up and test it to see if it would work before I finished everything just incase it didn’t and I had to patch the walls. 😉

It works perfectly so it’s coming down in another week to finish sanding, prime and paint.

Now, for the next project: getting ready to remove the wall between the kitchen and dining room. The walls were covered with paneling and 4 layers of wallpaper! That had to go.

I had an engineer spec out the LVL (laminated beam) that will support the ceiling where the wall is coming down and he agreed with my calculations. It’ll take two 1-7/8″ x 11-7/8″ 16 footers sandwiched together with 2 jack studs on each end. I was expecting to pay around $500 for them but it turns out our hometown building store, Corum’s, is getting them for $174 and delivering these beasts for free.

And finally, we have picked out the flooring! (it’s about friggin’ time!). We are going with these:

The flooring is Azrock styles V-310, V-780, V951. We are going with a random pattern of 45% each black and white and 10% red. It should look marvy when done and at only $1.50 a square foot installed, it’s waaaay under budget! SCORE!

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Budget minded office stuff

I made my new desk and decided I hated the chocolate brown file cabinet. Why is it they make sure to have absolutely no taste whatsoever when picking out office furniture colors? Anyhow, with how much I liked the office chair Rachel redid for me, I had to make the file cabinet match and come up with a better way to store pens, pencils, paper clips, etc.

So, with spray paint and spray adhesive in hand, this is what I came up with for the file cabinet:

And this is the pencil holder:

The pencil holder is nothing more than vegetable cans covered in fabric then put on a piece of 2×4 that I beveled on the table saw and painted black.

All together I probably have $10 in all of it including the yard sale file cabinet and fabric.


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I WON!!!

I enter drawings from time to time on the internet and usually forget about them.  I frequent a site about DIY projects called Curbly and am always finding ideas and inspiration there.

They had a drawing for their new book Make It! Harware Store Decor.  I entered and found out today that I WON! 

I have just scanned the pdf and it looks very promising.  I will post pics of the stuff I make from it or make that was inspired by it.

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